Non-teaching staff of college and hospital staff along with their department


Name of the Non-Teaching Staff Designation Registration


Qualification Date of Joining Experience Department
Smt. Dr. Anupma Rai Medical Officer H-27601 B.H.M.S 16.3.2012 6 Year HOSPITAL
Dr AwadheshPratap Singh Medical Officer H-27239 B.H.M.S 13.4.2012 6 Year Hospital
Dinesh Chand Pal Libarary


  B.A, M.LIB 14.2.2000 18 Year LIBRARY
Ram Gulam Junior Assis.   M.A 26.7.2003 15 Year ACCOUNT SECTION
Dayaram Singh Yadav Junior Assis.   Intermediate 16.3.2013 5 Year OFFICE
Shreekant Giri Storekeeper   B.Sc. 11.12.2007 11 Year Store
Sudeshwar Pandey Lab Assis.   High school 11.12.1981 37 Year Pharmacy Lab.
Smt. Rubi  Kumari Pharmasist   Intermediate 19.7.2003 15 Year Hospital
Ranjeet Kumar Junior Assis.   B.A 13.8.2014 4 Year Office
Ajeet Kumar Pandey Junior Assis.   B.A 16.2.2018 1 Year Account Section
Amit Kumar Singh Junior Assis.   B.A 28.3.2018 1 Year Office
Ramadhar Peon   Intermediate 26.11.2007 15 Year Office
Riyazuddin Sweeper   8th 25.11.2011 7 Year Office & Hospital
Chandarjeet singh Peon   Inter 01.02.2018 1 Year Peon
Puspendar Pratap Singh Peon   Inter 01.02.2018 1 Year Peon
Shivendar pratap singh Peon   Inter 01.02.2018 1 Year Peon
Sunil Amar nath yadav Peon   High school 01.02.2018 1 Year Peon
Lali Kannaujiya Lab Attan.   8th 01.02.2018 1Year Lab Attan.
Vinod kumar Peon   Inter 02.02.2018 1Year Peon
Akash Chaubay Peon   Inter 08.02.2018 1Year Peon
Ramalam Yadav Peon   B.A. 15.02.2018 1 Year Peon
Abhishek Kumar Singh Peon   Inter 12.2.2018 1 Year Peon
Sapna Sonker Lab Attan.   M.A. 15.2.2018 1 Year Lab Attan.
Chhabila Yadav Peon   High school 20.2.2018 1 Year Peon
Sashikant Kumar Library Attan.   B.A. 20.2.2018 1 Year Library Attan.
Manish Yadav Lab. Attan.   Inter 20.2.2018 1 Year Lab. Attan.
Sunil Gautam Lab Attan.   B.Sc. 05.3.2018 1 Year Lab Attan.
Harendar Pal Gardner   Inter 26.2.2018 1 Year Gardner
Rajendar Yadav Gardner   8th 19.3.2018 1 Year Gardner
Kashinath Pal Peon   High school 21.4.2018 1 Year Peon
Nandlal Rajbhar Peon   Intermediate 08.2.2018 1 Year Peon